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So for the final part of hubby’s birthday last week, we went to the Basquiat exhibition at the Barbican centre. Now I’m not going to pretend I’m all artsy cos I’m not but I am  up ALWAYS up for trying out something different.

As it happens my husband had started talking to me about how cool and “sic” Basquiat is just a week or two before I discovered that there was a big ol’ exhibition dedicated to him in London. I was obviously just a bit excited to surprise him with tickets to the exhibition for this birthday.

Hubby posing with Basquiat street art in NYC

So who is Basquiat? Jean-Michael Basquiat is an influential black artist, poet and musician who grew up in Manhattan in the 70s. After leaving school at 17, he invented the character “SAMO”. Under the guise of this new character, he captured the attention of the city with his poetic graffiti.

He is famously known for collaborating with the esteemed artist Andy Warhol after plucking up the courage to sell a postcard to him in 1978.

Andy Warhol and Jean-Michael Basquiat

Basquiat coined the phrase “Boom for real” as he often worked in his studio with his boom box and television.  Unfortunately Basquiat died at the young and tender age of 27 but his influence and work still lives on.

The exhibition allows you to get up close and personal with his art and also has a mixture of audio and on-screen  footage featuring the man himself.

We definitely enjoyed the exhibition and I would say it’s worth a visit. Unfortunately we visited after a bottomless brunch so perhaps had consumed one too many proseccos to fully appreciate all the different aspects of the exhibition!

If you wanna do something “for the culture” you should definitely head down and check this out. It’s on until January 2018 . Tickets are £16 per person from Barbican. Link below:

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