I have recently embarked on a bit of a creative/ business venture with one of my oldest and bestest friends Louise ( we are literally family) and I have to say I am loving it!

Louise is the founder and mastermind behind Vivanails. Viva nails is a professional and creative nail service born from a passion of nail art. They provide a range of services from mobile nail artistry to custom press on’s for any occasion. Although I may be bias, Louise honestly produces some of the best hand designs I have ever come across. I have frequently been stopped by people in the street, marvelling at my nails and wondering where I got them done when wearing one of her designs. She will literally take your nails from bla to hurrah! If you don’t believe me, you can check out her skills for yourself here

Louise had the idea of designing nails to compliment outfits for some time now. Like many of us it’s an idea that she sat on for some time. This is where I come in! Having advised friends with where they can source their outfits for years as well as inspire them on how to put items together, I have been encouraged to persue the path of stylist more times than I can remember and it is most definitely my dream job.

After a random conversation, Louise and I came up with the idea of working on Fashion Nail Fridays together. It just made sense. Now we know why Louise didn’t take the idea forward earlier!

What is Fashion Nail Fridays?

Fashion nail Fridays is born from a concept of providing a new and unique styling solution. We team fresh “on trend” nails designed exclusively by Vivanails(Louise) with simple but effective outfits curated by stylist CM a la mode (Me). Our dream is to leave you inspired with outfits which compliment your nails seamlessly!

Why its great collaborating with someone I know

Although Fashion Nail Fridays is very much in it’s infancy, we have big plans for it coupled with bags of passion. Because we have known each other for so long, it has really been easy to merge our skills in order to take this venture forward and quite simply we just get each other.

All of us have the power to unlock so much potential. Whilst it is important to make time for your individual goals, there is a lot to be gained from combining your skills with someone elses to further elevate your success.

Just think the ideal person for you to collaborate with could be right underneath your nose! I encourage you right now to give that some thought. Please do share with me what you come up with.

Outfit details


Yellow dress is from topshop. Buy it here

Black and white striped bag from zara. Buy it here

Multi print dress from Zara. Buy it here

Striped slides. No longer available. Buy a similar pair here


Orange sundress from boohoo but no longer available. Purchase a similar style here

Love as always