I LOVE podcasts! I do however have a confession to make. I have been sleeping on them. My husband has been listening to them for a minute now and to be honest i didn’t get the attraction. I just felt irritated at having to listen to continuous noise from his phone which can be heard all around the house! Fast forward and I can safely say i’m a bit of an addict. I mean seriously they are just great, not only have i learnt loooooads from some of them but I just much prefer them to watching something on TV or online as it allows me to multi task. I now listen to a wide range of podcasts. I have to say I have a bit of a thing for UK ones because I find them more relatable plus we’re doing our thing in the UK at the minute!So…without further a do, here are my current UK top three:

Name: The receipts podcast

What’s it about: this is legit the first podcast i really got into. After listening to one i literally binge listened to all the episodes. This is essentially like being in a room with your girls. They discuss everything from love, sex and relationships to daddy issues and racism. Everything is on the table! WARNING: Be careful if listening in public, it will cause you to laugh out loud! They’re used to be 4 of them but having recently lost a member they are down to 3 but still holding their own!

When and how often? A new episode is released every Wednesday. They alternate weekly between a lively conversation and reading and answering the listeners’ dilemmas.

Fave episode: It’s a bit of a cop out but i really don’t have one. They are all hilarious. Go see for yourselves, you wont be disappointed!

Name: Making cents podcast

What’s it about: Hosted by two guys and two girls, this podcast brings you all things financial. They discuss everything from how and what to invest in to how current affairs affect our money. I have honestly learnt so much and the mix of experience between the hosts means they are really able to break things down into bite sized digestible nuggets of wisdom!

When and how often? A new episode is released weekly on a Monday.

Fave episode: Episode 12: Would you drive a Seat Ibiza. Car buying vs Leasing.

Name: Zero to 100 Show

What’s it about? I literally get excited for a new episode to drop every week! Hosted by married couple and successful entrepreneurs Tony and Sharlene Chance, they give us all the tools we need to “level up”. They are generously sharing all the tools needed to be a successful entrepreneur, including all the highs and lows of their journey. I have even contacted them directly for advice. They not only got back to me promptly but gave me some useful tips as well as offered follow on support. This is a must listen if you are on the road to being an entrepreneur but even if you aren’t i would still recommend a listen as they provide some valuable tips which can be applied to other areas of life.

When and how often?A new episode is usually released weekly on a Monday.

Favourite episode: Episode 2, season 1- increasing your wealth and passive income with 3 major moves.

Thats all from me today. Do you listen to any of these podcasts? If so i would love to hear your thoughts! Equally if you have any recommendations for me, please don’t be shy.

Thanks for reading. See you next time